Deciding to buy a new puppy...

Friend, companion, playmate, guard, working dog – these are all good reasons to get a puppy.

Your puppy needs to have a lifelong role.  Friend, companion, playmate, guard, working dog – these are all good reasons to get a puppy.  “Because it’s cute” is not.

All dogs and puppies need room to play and exercise, even if it’s a public park.  Puppies should not be taken to public areas until it has received all its vaccinations.  Active dogs need lots of room.  And while large dogs can live in an apartment, you might feel cramped.

Expect to devote several hours a day to play with, training, caring for and monitoring a new puppy.  And be ready to spend time every day with your adult dog.

It doesn’t need to be a lot, but you’ll have to budget money every month for food, supplies and medical care.  And one-time start-up costs for a new puppy can add up.

Puppies need to learn, and they’re going to make mistakes.  It will take a lot of repetition and praise – not anger and scolding.  Make sure you’re tolerant of typical puppy behavior, and remember that the student is only as good as the teacher!

Your home needs to be equipped and prepared.  That means getting supplies ahead of time and puppy-proofing your home.  Make it safe and comfortable.  We do not advise you take the puppy to the pet store on your way home to pick up supplies.   That just adds to the stress of the first day and travel and may not be an entirely healthy environment until the puppy has had all its vaccinations.

Puppies (and adult dogs as well) need regular interaction and care. You or someone in your family will have to take personal responsibility for your pet’s well-being.  Being responsible also means being a good owner – never doing harm to your puppy and keeping your puppy from inconveniencing or doing harm to others.

Happy pet owning!


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