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It is no small thing to adopt a child, which is basically what you do when you get a dog.  We do not regret for a minute choosing our lab, Fezzick, from Twilight Run Kennels.  We had total confidence in the care of the dogs, the cleanliness of the facility, and the follow up materials from Dave and Cyndi.  Since then, they have let us board Fezzick and visit to play with the puppies.  It has been fun for Dave and Cyndi to see how Fezzick favors his dad, Blaze in looks, temperament, and even an odd quirk or two.  It is shameful how much we adore this dog!    Higginbotham Family


Hi Cyndi and Dave,

Sorry for not emailing sooner, but we have been so busy enjoying our wonderful new puppy!
We are so thrilled with our newest addition to the family. We named him Hershey which seemed very fitting. He and Lucky (our other Schnauzer) hit it off right from the start and have become best of friends. They really do love one another, and we get endless hours of pleasure watching them play and enjoying the love and affection that they have to give. It never fails to amaze us how intelligent this breed of dog is. We let the dogs sleep together and were so relieved that he never had separation anxiety and slept through the 1st night and each night since. :) As you had said, he copies EVERYTHING that Lucky does and has learnt a great deal from him.

We feel so fortunate to have found you, and want to thank you for allowing us to get one of your puppies. We were so impressed by your kennels, your puppies and adult dogs, but what stood out most to us, was your love and devotion to the dogs that you are raising.

Hershey is such a great dog, with a personality far bigger than himself. He is smart, good natured and incredibly "cute". He is really quite beautiful. He has no fear, gets grumpy when you do something that he does not like, tells us what he thinks and is constantly annoying Lucky who is so gentle and tolerant of him.   

We are exciting to be bringing both dogs to board with you while we are on vacation in August. (I think Gavin is more excited about their vacation at Twilight Run, than he is about our vacation in Destin.)

All the best,
Vivienne, Gavin and Jared

Hi Dave and Cyndi,

I just wanted to tell you what an amazing puppy our little Biscuit is!   On day two she slept through the whole night.  I could hardly believe it.  She is incredibly intelligent.  LabShe learned to sit on day 4.  She has already learned to ring a bell by the door when she needs to go outside to eliminate.   Not bad for an 9 week old Lab, eh?

We are also delighted that our 15 year old female dog loves her.   The puppy has a great personality and a wonderful temperament.  Although she was one of the most active pups of the litter, she still is very calm and sweet (provided she has had exercise).  We love her so much already.

I also want to write to both of you that we feel lucky to have found Twilight Run Kennels and have met both of you.   You guys have been wonderful to us.  We appreciate the little things you guys did for us.  We loved the pictures you sent us even BEFORE the puppy was ready to come home with us.  We love the knitted blanket that she and her littermates had slept on and that you sent home with us.  It helped make for a much calmer first night. Thanks for that.

Lab PuppyWe were so impressed with your facilities, the two of you as people and the quality and temperament of your labs that I felt compelled to write you guys a letter about it.  I hope you will call on us if anyone ever asks for references.  Please encourage them to call or email us if they want to talk about our experiences with you or the quality of your dogs.

Thank you also for inviting us into your beautiful home and counseling us about raising two pups as we sat at your breakfast table.   You guys are great.
If there is ever anything that we can do for either of you in return, please let us know.  

Thank you so much for everything!

Frank Parra and Maria Sheets

Sorry for the delayed response but my husband just got our computer setup at the new house.  Love the pictures of Cocoa! It was so sweet of you to send them.  Joe and I are very impressed with the way you guys do business.  From your website, to communications and your kennel facility, we think you are super professional.  We will highly recommend you to our friends! I really appreciate all the information you shared regarding our new puppy and helping us get setup.  I am so touched you will be sending a hand knitted blanket for our new family member. So special!!!!! My daughter Ellie has talked about Cocoa non-stop since we came to visit.  She is especially intrigued with the blanket and how it will have his sibling's scent on it!
Thanks again and we are counting the hours until Cocoa can be with us in La Grange.

Hello and Happy New Year!   Thought I would update you on Casey ( he was the calm blue collar chocolate male from Amy and Bentley's June 15 litter).  He is now 6 1/2 months old and is a big handsome boy.  He still is calm, but does have his Lab moments ( which are minor when compared to most Lab puppies).  He doing very well with his obedience training, loves meeting new people, and is having a great time with his German Shepherd sister and choc. Lab brother.  They all love to fetch,take long walks, and tug on a rope toy together.  Casey is a joy to have and has brought alot of love into our home.  I can't wait until he is old enough to take the test to become a therapy dog like his brother Brodie.  Our vet always comments on Casey's calm and sweet nature which is perfect for a therapy dog.  Hopefully he will be ready to take and pass the therapy dog test in July or August. Thanks for breeding such great dogs!


Dallas is doing wonderful!!! As you can see I named him after his hometown (well almost hometown..Farmersville wasn't quite as fitting).  He has already learned how to go up and down the one flight of stairs in my condo is sleeping for 5-6 hours at night. He cried quite a bit the first night, but hasn't cried since!!!  View Movie>>> (Windows Media)

Thanks again for all your help! He is such a joy to have.


Lola Lola and Scamp
Ok, here are the latest pics.  The pups are doing great and I think Cory and I are attached as much as the girls.  They are potty training well, so far only one accident and it was really my fault.

If you ever need a reference please feel free to use our name.  We'd be happy to promote your wonderful business.

Take care!!

Hi Cynid!

We just love the little guy! He has been adjusting wonderfully! His name is Winston. He has not had any accidents in the house thus far...I probably shouldn't have said anything, but I can't believe how well he is doing. He is definitely not deprived from attention. We had a quick moving snowstorm go through here yesterday, so he got a taste of cold, wet snow. Not so sure he liked being cold! You all have done a great job with him, he is just sweet and precious. I will get your paperwork sent to you soon. Thanks again for everything!


Romelle and I wanted to let you know how our pup (Boscoe) is doing.  He only cried for two nights in his crate.  He has adjusted to it quite well and is quickly getting on a routine.  We took him to the vet and he checked out fine.  We also got his 13 week shots.

He is doing great!  He really wants to go outside to potty and lets us know by scratching on the door and/or ringing the doggie bell we hung on the door.  He is so smart, has a great disposition and is very loving and playful. It is amazing how good he is doing.  Frankly we are surprised at how fast he is adjusting, we thought it would be more difficult.  We are very happy and pleased with him. 

Thank you,
Bill Kirk

Dave and Cyndi,

Our chocolate lab "Tex" who we purchased from you last November (October 1,2008 litter from Blaze and Audrey) just turned one year old this month and is doing great. Janet and I just wanted to again thank you for being so nice and to let you know that our little pup is now a happy, healthy 75 lbs or so part of the family. He is very athletic (swims every day) but very gentle, even with our young grandaughter. Everyone who knows him asks where we got him and who his parents were, so you may be getting contacts asking about litters. I'll send along one or two pictures soon. Hope all is well.

Best wishes,
Jim and Janet Petrucci.

Bruno is doing just fine.  we play catch with him about twice a day and he is doing great.  we bought him a nice big soft round bed, but he continues to sleep in our shih-tzu real littel bed that doesn't fit him.  we get a good laugh out of that.  he has really gotten comfortable the last couple of days with everything and everybody.  he and the lab across the street have gotten to be good buddies and bruno can hang with him on the ball retrieving(the other dog has been trained for duckhunting).  we keep bruno on our fenced in patio during the day, when we are not home.  he seems to like it just fine.  we bring him in everynite and he sleeps right beside my bed in the floor.  he is such an obedient and calm dog and we could not be more pleased.  if you ever need anybody as a reference, please feel free to use me.  i will keep you posted


I am glad that my plight gives you bounds of least you know that the dog is loved....todays adventure was at the football field...he was teathered to my chair watching his boy and all the others playing with footballs....Me not thinking saw him sitting pretty....i though he was being a good boy...not....he darted for the balls because no one saw him sitting pretty and gave it to him....the dog went for the balls and boys.....the chair tiped and I went ass over tea kettle and 3 coaches and a full football team had to try and catch this demonic dog....he did get his ball though and came back proud.. ~ Rose

You will be getting a new picture of your young offspring soon.  But he is a wild me....
His only redemption is that he is sooo stinking cute.  He right now hits the scales at 60 lbs and is huge.  He is to smart for his own good. The vet can not believe how smart he is ..another ear infection.  I think it is due to too much swimming.  You know the abusive lifestyle he leads. 

His newest adventure is when my son and his friend were fishing and caught a 8 lb big mouth bass.  He grabbed it and took off.  Not only did he run with the fish he took the fishing pole.  I heard screams and looked out.   There is 1 dog with fish in mouth and fishing pole trailing behind running at full speed in big circles.  There was 2 boys chasing said dog, fish and pole tring to catch or stop the dog.  There was one husband yelling that it was too early to yell but could not stop the circus. 

Then it only took one woman(mother) to end it all... I called Thor and said..."Thor, do you want a cookie!  He dropped the fish..left the pole..and ran to me..

Mind you that he has a run down at the water but he was being good so the did not hook him up.
so you can see who is in charge at the house


Update: Feb 2010


We've been enjoying Gunner (Bentley and Audrey's pup--orange). As you may recall, we asked for your assistance in selecting a pup for us that liked water with the idea that someday he might retrieve ducks for my son, David, and me. 

The photo attached shows Gunner with his first retrieve, made before he was nine months old.  Gunner is always excited when the master is up before 4 a.m., knowing that a day in the field is in order.  So, thanks for your help in selecting a pup for us with field aptitude. 

Bob Moore and family


This is Gunner and his Master!  Bentley and Audrey's pup (orange). 
Gunner   Gunner
I think David and Gunner have bonded well.  We have had him in a crate at night and David has slept in the family room right by the crate in case he needs to get out at night.  The first night he made it from 11:15p - 5 am.  Last night he made it from 11:30p - 6am.  He is the sweetest thing and our neighbors and several friends have been by to meet Gunner and they are all so impressed!  He follows David everywhere:)  Very good with the "sit" command.  Eating like a horse (the alotted amount!) and enjoying the water we have in a little plastic kids sized pool for him.......he went right in when we got in home on Saturday.  He loves water.  We are all so pleased with our new puppy......he's getting ALOT of attention. And when he sleeps, boy does he zonk out!  SO cute, laying completely sprawled out and on his back....totally relaxed.   Hope to be able to send you some photos one day of the first duck he retrieves!  We were also very impressed with your kennel operation. 

Beth Moore and family

Thank you again for our new pup.  You made the process a great experience for us.  It could not have been better.  I wish everyone wanted a new dog and I could send them to you.

Kerry and the kids are thrilled.  Baxter (Bax for short) didn't make a peep last night.  We left a radio playing.  He kenneled with our old Lab and his blanket and was as content as he could be. Ill email you a picture of the two of them.

Thanks Again,

We just wanted to check in and see how things were going!  We thought that we should tell you that Addison is doing Addisonextremely well.  She is an adorable playful puppy but also calms down very quickly.  She still loves to cuddle as much as she did when we first met her.  She has learned commands very quickly and she has been very obedient.  With the exception of the first night or two, she sleeps though the night very well.  She has done wonderful with house training- it almost seemed like she already understood what to do when we brought her home.  She has had very few accidents and none in the past week or so, so we think she is off to a wonderful start. 

  Brad and I have said several times that we really think that the main reason that she has transitioned so well is because of all of the wonderful care that you gave them early on.  We really are so appreciative of everything that you did for them.  I thought that Charlie's puppies were due around now so we wish you good luck with that!  We are anxious to hear what color the puppies turn out.  Our friends David and Julia are still interested in potentially getting one of them, so they may be in contact with you!  Thank you again for everything, we hope that all is well!! 

Laura and Brad

Elly Elly
Elly is doing great! Very healthy (now 32 pounds) and having fun being a pup. She is very sharp, very even tempered and is training well – puppy class at local petsmart was a blast. She has learned all the basics, including recently how to “counter cruise” in stealth mode when we are not looking….classic big dog maneuver… and in homage to George, as long as you are willing to throw tennis balls, she will retrieve them.

Thank you again for your strong passion about healthy pups and great customer service.

The Drinjak’s

Shotize  Shotize

Hi Cyndi,

Thought I would send you a current picture of Shotize.  She is something else!  Keeps us on our toes at all times.  When that first eye opens in the morning, game on and she is going till she goes to bed at night.  Here are a few fun facts about her:

1.It’s all about her, wants to be rubbed and have all the attention
2.Loves to dumpster dive.  She can get stuff out of the bottom of a trash can w/o making any noise or tipping it over
3.Can shred paper finer than any shredder
4.Loves to sleep on top of my head
5. Is 110% a mommy’s girl
6.Loves her big sister Schintzel (I included a picture of her also)
7. LOVES, LOVES to eat
8. Likes to chase birds, squirrels and rabbits
9.Likes to flirt with men
10.Knows when it’s time to go in her kennel and has learned to shut the door
11. At first did not like clothes but now loves to wear them

We received compliments all the time on her.  Our vet was very impressed with her and the records you sent home with us.  She is starting to spots of white spring out on her back, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.

Thank you for our little puppy!  I look at your website all the time to check out the new babies, we will be back one day J

The DeGodt Family
Dennis, Kenyeon, Schnitzel and Schotzie     


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